Dear V: Two is company… is three a crowd?

Dear V,

I have been with my boyfriend now for about 7 months and so far we have had a good relationship with a lot of chemistry. In addition to that, the sex is amazing and I would probably label it as the best sex I have ever had with any man. I am immensely attracted to him and turned on by him, but lately I have newly discovered that I have a strong attraction to women.

So I mentioned to him the idea of a threesome and, like any man, he was interested. I really think it would take our sexual experience together to the next level and I THINK that I would be turned on by the idea of watching him being pleasured, as well as myself, by a third party. Naturally, of course, I am afraid this will damage the relationship we have.

I also am not sure if I will be able to handle watching him please another woman (and vice versa), even though I have a more than willing desire to partake in such an adventure. What kind of consequences could result by giving into my desires? Is this adventure worth the pain?


Stuck in Between

Dear Stuck in Between,

Props to you for initiating this new leap in your relationship, most women find the thought of adding an addition in the bedroom daunting. This could prove to be a very exciting experience for you and your boyfriend, especially with your new found attraction to females.  Threesomes are certainly a new way to spice up a sex life, but you’re smart in wondering about what could go wrong in this tricky situation.

If your boyfriend is the jealous type, you’ll want to make sure he doesn’t get too upset by your potential interactions with another partner (and vise versa).  You don’t want this adventure to end up creating a rift between you two. Seeing your man fool around with another woman can be very difficult to most women, so you’ll want to think long and hard about this decision.  It’s usually best if the third addition is a stranger; inviting a close friend can create some awkward situations after the fact, and you want this experience to enhance your sex life, not destroy your friendships.

Overall, if you feel confident about it and your boyfriend seems excited, I don’t think it should be an issue.  You seem like an adventuresome chick, and this seems like an adventure that right up your ally.

Good luck,


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