Healthy Cane Column: Stay fit, lower the deficit

I’m sorry to have to do this, but after watching the news this past week, I would like to say a few things about the current state of health care in our country.

Regardless of your stance on the impending reform, there is no argument (no argument that I’ll accept, that is) as to why physical activity is not one of the most important factors in disease prevention, curbing national obesity and overall wellness.

In an era where there is positive research, tangible proof and countless opportunities to do it, exercise is vital. We know that even moderate physical activity has the ability to significantly decrease the risk for health care cost vampires like heart disease, diabetes and morbid obesity. An emphasis on preventative health care should be a focus of these reforms.

One person paid to educate hundreds on physical activity is going to cost significantly less then the gaggle of doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical companies involved in the treatment of avoidable ailments. If you want to help your country and yourself, you will get out of your chair right after you read this and go for a jog.

Wellness is the solution to exuberant health care costs.

Jeremy Albelda is a senior exercise physiology major and a personal trainer. E-mail health questions to him at