Sorry I’m Late… Readers,

Welcome to Come On, Really, my blog about whatever is bugging me at the moment, sometimes I can be a bit racy or offensive or inappropriate, but hopefully readers like you will give me a reason to clean up my act.  Feel free to catch up on my blog and who I am at the address below, or not and start here…enjoy.

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I got tired of life without the blog and here I am again trying to keep you entertained with my whining and complaining about the monotony of everyday life for this particular guy.

Life has changed quite a bit since I last said something that wasn’t related to a road trip on here so here’s the 411:
Since coming back to Miami, I now…
-Live in a frat house
-Am the Assistant Sports Editor of the school newspaper
-Am currently wearing a shirt my gf in high school bought me
-Am a Finance major
-Am my frat’s treasurer (eminent treasurer, son)
-Am completely, totally, and firmly broke
-Am much more comfortable and happy than I was when I started this blog a year ago.
Of course, in some aspects I am not doing better than I was last year, but I would say that for every new problem I have I have 3 new solutions. One huge thing I have learned this year is that friends and acquaintances come and go but the people that you really care about and who care about you will be there through thick and thin. I want to shout out my two best friend of 16 years, Tom, who is abroad in Ireland and who will hopefully read this (no guarantee there haha) who I have 100% confidence is living the dream right now, and Sam, who put me and 4 of my brothers up in his house last weekend for Mardi Gras in New Orleans and he’s a saint for doing it. Much love, and p.s. Stephanie called me about coming back to CA this summer.
So here’s the new business of the blog, thanks to my job at the paper I am now “syndicated” and my blogs are posted on our website for all of the school to read. ( Hopefully it will increase my readership, but I’m not counting on much. But really the blog is still here for you, (your name here).
And without further ado (just learned now that this word is not spelled a-d-i-e-u) I sit here in ESS201, Introduction to Sport Administration, and I am on the internet for the ‘n’th class in a row zoning out and struggling to participate with 0 (zero) effort being made to engage me from the professor. Since I am taking 19 credits this semester (kudos to last year’s ‘drop out of school’ idea) I really enjoy a class where I just bring my laptop and do whatever I want. Sadly, my 26 classmates and myself are still paying about $3,000 each for this course ($200/class) to sit here and be disengaged and so I think to myself “what the (4-letter word of choice) are we doing zoning out in class, texting, sleeping, skipping when we are spending all of this money on our educations?” I guess it’s just today’s culture, but it’s pretty sick and twisted and I am the poster-child of the generation since I am paying sticker price for the []_[].
Dudes. Beers. Frats. More to come.