Healthy Cane Column: How to get that workout going..

I want to begin exercising but I just can’t get myself to start…

So you are coming to the “dreaded” realization this whole working out thing might be important. You have seen some of your best friends who weren’t in that great of shape dedicate a few hours a week to the gym, a slightly healthier diet and BAM! They look good, feel good and you want that too…

Step one is to get yourself some sneakers and work-out attire. You don’t want to be like that 80-year-old man at the gym who’s wearing his boat shoes and khakis with his Polo still tucked in. Being comfortable is important because when you first start out, you will be looking for any excuse.

Step two is to ask any of your friends who go to the gym to go with them to learn a few exercises and how the cardio equipment works. Your best bet will be to start out on the treadmill or elliptical machines and get your aerobic capacity up so you have some stamina to perform more complex movements. Slowly start adding intervals of increased intensity (jogging if on the treadmill) for 30-60 seconds to help progress your fitness level. Just remember, you didn’t learn how to walk in a day, so take your time and be patient.

The golden rule to any exercise routine is going to be a progressive overload, meaning you need to slowly add on to what you’re doing. If you stick to your guns and tell yourself it’s time to change, then you can do this. So get excited, and get moving!

Jeremy Albelda is a senior exercise physiology major and a personal trainer. E-mail health questions to him at