Staff Editorial: Next year should be the Best U Ever Had

As a university, we face a multitude of important issues. Parking is still a challenge, freshmen transportation is lacking and several other issues plague our student body.
For student government, the challenge is having goals that alleviate the problems we face. Platform ideas must be agreeable with administration, and cost is always an issue. The difficulty is increased for members of the student government executive board because they only have a one-year term to accomplish all of their promises.
For these reasons, The Miami Hurricane endorses the “Best U Ever Had” ticket for the 2010 campaign season. From buying a new flagpole for the ROTC program to 24-hour practice rooms for music students during finals, their ideas are practical and reach out to a variety of students.
Many of their goals could be achieved easily and be immediately beneficial to students. A GPA calculator on myUM and a gender-neutral housing option will be relatively free for the university.
They also have broader initiatives that appeal to the entire student body. A class roster with everyone’s contact information will allow for more communication to occur between students facilitating group projects and studying.
This ticket has members on it that get tasks done. According to Aaron Esman,  they were involved with the committee that brought back the Ibis Ride. All of their goals can be achieved in their one term. The next president who may not be as excited about their predecessor’s goals will not have to finish their tasks.
The development of transfer assistants for new students is also appealing. It coincides with the university’s “First Year Experience” push and is a great way to make this group get more involved on campus and help them develop friendships.
Life off-campus would also be enhanced if their platforms are achieved. Revamping the Off-Campus Housing Fair to include more companies that rent furniture makes sense at UM, since we have a diverse student body from around the world. Not having to move a couch back home after only two years of use would help avoid back pain thanks to these increased options.
This ticket represents the best leadership for the university for the upcoming year, and we believe they will most advance our student body.

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