Staff Editorial: Next year should be the Best U Ever Had

As a university, we face a multitude of important issues. Parking is still a challenge, freshmen transportation is lacking and several other issues plague our student body.
For student government, the challenge is having goals that alleviate the problems we face. Platform ideas must be agreeable with administration, and cost is always an issue. The difficulty is increased for members of the student government executive board because they only have a one-year term to accomplish all of their promises.
For these reasons, The Miami Hurricane endorses the “Best U Ever Had” ticket for the 2010 campaign season. From buying a new flagpole for the ROTC program to 24-hour practice rooms for music students during finals, their ideas are practical and reach out to a variety of students.
Many of their goals could be achieved easily and be immediately beneficial to students. A GPA calculator on myUM and a gender-neutral housing option will be relatively free for the university.
They also have broader initiatives that appeal to the entire student body. A class roster with everyone’s contact information will allow for more communication to occur between students facilitating group projects and studying.
This ticket has members on it that get tasks done. According to Aaron Esman,  they were involved with the committee that brought back the Ibis Ride. All of their goals can be achieved in their one term. The next president who may not be as excited about their predecessor’s goals will not have to finish their tasks.
The development of transfer assistants for new students is also appealing. It coincides with the university’s “First Year Experience” push and is a great way to make this group get more involved on campus and help them develop friendships.
Life off-campus would also be enhanced if their platforms are achieved. Revamping the Off-Campus Housing Fair to include more companies that rent furniture makes sense at UM, since we have a diverse student body from around the world. Not having to move a couch back home after only two years of use would help avoid back pain thanks to these increased options.
This ticket represents the best leadership for the university for the upcoming year, and we believe they will most advance our student body.

Editorials represent the majority view of The Miami Hurricane editorial staff.

February 21, 2010


The Miami Hurricane

Student newspaper at the University of Miami

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  1. Yes says:

    VOTE U FIRST!!!!

  2. uv says:

    The hurricane’s endorsement of a candidate’s success is a terrible barometer for the actual outcome.

    How often has the hurricane been right ever since endorsing became standard?

  3. Informed Voter says:

    As many people who have commented feel dissatisfied with the outcome of the opinion in the newspaper, I feel as a person who has studied the various campaigns, I must give my two sense.
    I will be voting for BEST U EVER HAD, a decision I made upon reading their platforms and studying past platforms.
    Although UFIRST and ALL FOR U offer very lofty platforms which may appeal to a variety of students, as BEST U EVER HAD’s does as well. I look toward the feasibility of these platforms. Yes they all say they have done their research and spoken to administrators. But how many of these platforms have really not been used by various other tickets that have won? How many have not been tried by the different students in Student Government and across campus and they have not succeeded.
    If you look toward BEST U EVER HAD’s platforms you will see feasible ideas, that have been researched, can be done in one year and have not been taken from older campaigns such as Unity for the Community, One Goal One Passion, Committed to U, All About U, Make it Happen for U, U Matter U Decide, and Putting U First. Can you truly say that about the other platforms? Do your research about what has been tried and failed, and then cast your vote after you have been informed.

  4. Present and Voting says:

    I believe that the candidate that the Hurricane endorsed is the best candidate in the election. Although U First is a great ticket, nothing personal against any of them, I do not believe that the platforms are any better than Best U Ever Had. I believe that U First has platforms that aren’t as feasible as they sound and the rest seem kinda of wishy-washy. A farmer’s market sounds lovely but I want to see real change happen on campus- who cares about fruit and veggies, just go to Whole Foods. A lot of U First’s platforms are already in the works- like changing the apartment area lots and so forth. Even though, many students are buying into the hype of U First’s platforms, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them failed. I realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I am simply stating mine.

  5. UM Student says:

    The problem with the Miami Hurricane’s decision to endorse a candidate in this race isn’t the fact that they decided to write one, which is totally fine. It’s the fact that they waited until the last minute to do so, preventing any other ticket from publishing a rebuttal in time. (The next Hurricane won’t be published until Thursday, after elections.)

  6. Informed Voter says:

    Regardless of the editorial, and both angry and other comments make sure to VOTE today, tomorrow, and Wednesday for your favorite ticket. Be informed, read the platforms and VOTE!!

    I will also be voting for UFirst, after reading their platforms and website, I feel they present the better platforms that are feasible and can happen. I don’t see this authenticity in the other two campaigns and see the stronger leadership in the UFIRST ticket candidates: Christina Farmer, Valentina Lamas, and Nick Cote. For these reasons I will vote UFIRST.

    Regardless of whom you choose, exercise your right to vote and let freedom of expression reign !!!! UFIRST !!!!

  7. god bless america says:

    OMG! An intellectual rebuttal to the newspaper’s endorsement!? You have a… wait, a counterargument!?

    Holy bananas.

  8. Just Vote says:

    People need to stop complaining about the endorsement. In such a heated election, there will likely be enough voter turnout so that the endorsement doesn’t mean anything (or will mean very little.)

    Do I think they should endorse a candidate? No. I think it will reflect poorly should the ticket they endorse lose. But they do, and complaining about it in a comment ON THAT STORY’S PAGE is just stupid.

    I will also be voting UFirst today but I am not upset at the endorsement. They endorsed who they thought would be best. I personally take offense to Best U Ever Had’s claim that they saved the Ibis Ride when all they did was sit on a committee that was FORMED BY THE PRESIDENT ON THE U FIRST TICKET! Best U Ever Had misled me there so I didn’t give them support. All for U also misled me in telling me his platforms would work when, after talking with administrators, some of them are completely unfeasable.

    That is why I’m supporting UFirst and I would hope that, whether it be for UFirst, Best U Ever Had, or All for U, students make their own informed decisions instead of just voting for whoever the Hurricane endorses.

  9. Lol says:

    Unfair advantage, or freedom of the press?

  10. My Simple Opinion says:

    No hatred whatsoever, if it would have been UFirst or All For You, it would still provoke these reactions. The idea is: unfair advantage. That is all. Have a great day all !! Let the voting begin !!

  11. Lol says:

    This is pathetic. People are mad that an opposing ticket has been endorsed.

    If the Hurricane had endorsed UFirst, it would be fine.

    So let me get this straight….. endorse MY candidate, or endorse none at all? Hmmmmmm….. North Korea, anyone?

    Thank you for informing your readers, The Miami Hurricane. Thank you for provoking thought and action.

    I will also be voting UFirst, but the endorsement is a must.

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “UNBIASED”. We are humans. EVERYONE has a bias. If newspaper writers don’t wield a bias of facts and preferences, they hold a bias of omission and do not include certain details in their articles because they have only so many words to tell their story with. Simply by CHOOSING what to put in any given news article, you are subjecting student journalism to bias. This is an inevitable truth.

    Hate the candidate they endorsed. Don’t hate the endorsement.

    Vote UFirst.

  12. My Simple Opinion says:

    Hopeful student has it right as well. Let’s hope. :)

  13. Hopeful Student says:

    I’m not upset that the Hurricane takes the liberty to endorse a candidate, because as UM has seen in the past few elections, the endorsed ticket has lost. I’ll be voting for the UFirst ticket, and, hopefully for all UM students, the Hurricane got it wrong once again.

  14. My Simple Opinion says:

    The fact that The Hurricane ENDORSES a Student Government candidate is in itself upsetting. The Hurricane writing this editorial, “opinion of the majority”, the DAY elections begin is somewhat a low blow. If this piece would have been released last week perhaps during the campaigning time, then MAYBE it would have been better received by our student body. Releasing this piece today and the fact that the poll beside the “opinion” piece shows the ticket The Hurricane endorses ahead, only proves its power in swaying votes. I appreciate the newspaper trying to defend itself, but if it were so “opinion-based” then there would be no need for rebuttal. If the editorial departments are meant to provoke thought and action then it’s been achieved. On another note, if the goal of the Hurricane is to “inform and raise public awareness of the issues at hand” then, this piece should have been accompanied by the thoughts and opinions of that minority who did not agree to this stance, that opinion expressing how their thoughts are different, and how their opinion also counts and should be released as such, and as they are part of that “large, informed staff”. If the other part of the staff were to have written a rebuttal to this stance then it is my opinion that then there could be such statements like “to inform and raise public awareness of the issues at hand”. Only then, would ALL the opinions of the staff be heard and the “goal” of the Hurricane achieved: by presenting all the deterring opinions in this editorial. I have an opinion, it is stated here. All in all, I wouldn’t be so upset at this “editorial, opinion piece” if I knew that everyone on this campus was informed and wouldn’t let their mind be swayed by the opinion of the few. That, however, is certainly not the case. Most voters are uninformed and hold the “opinion” of the Hurricane highly. Too little time for other tickets to campaign harder, too little time to prove unfeasible platforms of others. Let the votes speak and the best ticket win. Thank You.

  15. Alexa Lopez says:

    The Miami Hurricane prides itself on its accuracy and impartiality. The editorial is an opinion piece in which the MAJORITY view states how the platform pertains to us as a staff and how we have evaluated the tickets’ ideas as presented to us.

    The news story, on the other hand, is completely unbiased as it was written and reported by a neutral journalist, as was last week’s article. As a newspaper, we never want to compromise our credibility and we often take various precautions in order to avoid this. Our duty to the student body is to present to you, the students, the truth in the form of hard facts in order for you to create your own educated opinion.

    Once again, although some members of the Miami Hurricane staff do not agree with the its editorial endorsement, the editorial CLEARLY states that it represents the “majority” view. Those who did not agree with the endorsement were outvoted fair and square.

    Regardless of which ticket you do support, make sure to vote today until Wednesday for your student government.

  16. Ex-Reader says:

    As a usual reader of the MIami Hurricane, the fact that the newspaper releases a column such as this one feels inappropriate. First of all, I know for a fact that this is not the opinion of all of the staff members of the Hurricane, something which in itself should be a deterrent to the releasing of this piece. In addition, the fact that more than one of the Hurricane’s staff are contributing to different campaigns is also a cause of differing opinions and possible hidden agendas. Finally, how can you expect people to take the Hurricane seriously if you release a supposedly “unbiased” article in the front page reviewing all the tickets and in the next page you openly support one of the candidates.
    This is a regretful tradition that should be stopped if you ever want to be taken seriously as a newspaper and not just a free source of distraction that you read while you walk from class to class and then throw away.

  17. Upset journalism student says:

    The Hurricane has always endorsed a Student Government candidate. I know for a fact that its writers are held to strict objectivity guidelines that their editors do not tolerate.

    This is an opinion. Editorial departments of newspapers are in place to provoke thought and reaction. Frequently, editorial boards of American newspapers endorse presidential candidates running for office. The goal of the Hurricane isn’t to sway votes, it’s to inform and raise public awareness of the issues at hand.

    By offering an endorsement, they are highlighting the preferences of a large, informed staff that publishes several opinions a week. These are subjective statements that beg counterarguments and rebuttals. No opinion should ever be taken without skepticism, and several members of their editorial staff probably disagreed with the majority view.

    If you have a different opinion, state it. Comment on the website on why you think another ticket/candidate must be endorsed and voted for. Prove the paper wrong, and state your reasons in a Letter to the Editor.

    Or, you can continue poking fun at the notion of an endorsement, which won’t get you anywhere.

    I personally will be voting for the UFirst ticket come Monday morning. I think the Hurricane got it wrong, but I appreciate and respect their endorsement. The Best U Ever Had ticket offers misleading platform ideas that I don’t believe are feasible.

  18. Upset Voter says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but should the opinion of the few, influence that of the many? Should an unbiased news and fact outlet be allowed to in a way, sway votes? I think not. As a concerned voter, my mind isn’t made up just yet about who to vote for and I don’t appreciate such a huge influence at our university trying to tell me the few staff member’s opinions. I read every issue of The Miami Hurricane and hold it very high in view. I appreciated the article that unbiasedly presented all tickets. This article even if just an opinion, if just an editorial presents and unfair advantage, in my perspective.

  19. Someone Upset says:

    I guess the Newspaper staff is blinded by inaccuracies. What a shame. And I thought we had a respectable paper with intelligent staff members.

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