Dear V: That’s gonna hurt…

Dear V,

My girlfriend is getting her clit pierced. Is there a danger of injuring her (or myself) during sex? Will I have to do anything differently to please her? Please advise!


Danger Down There

Dear Danger Down There,

What a brave woman! First you should clarify if she is actually getting the clit itself pierced or the clitoral hood. Lots of women don’t want to get their clitoris pierced directly, because it may cause her lack of orgasmic sensation, pain or even nerve damage. As another option, most women choose the safer piercing of their clitoral hood, the skin that covers the clitoris. There are two options to go for here: the horizontal clitoral hood piercing and the vertical clitoral hood piercing, which is the more popular. With this piercing, the jewelry rests directly on her clitoris and may enhance orgasmic feeling for your girlfriend.

While this will be exciting for both of you, you’ll probably have to wait at least a few weeks for action between the sheets to start up again. The piercing will need some time to heal and will most likely be very sensitive (i.e. too sensitive for sex). When all is good and healed, however, I’d prepare for quite a bit of action. Studies have shown that after getting a vertical clitoral hood piercing, women had higher sexual desire and more frequent intercourse than before, woo hoo for you!

Now that she’s got some bling down there, you’ll have to figure out together the best ways to pleasure each other. The piercing should only make it easier to please your girlfriend because of her new heightened sensitivity to any kind of touch. Different types of jewelry, (bars, hoops, balls, etc.) will give you both different sensations during sex, so get excited for some awesome new experiences in the bedroom.

Good luck conquering this new obstacle,


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