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    A shot from the Cosabella fashion show // Danielle Kaslow
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    Forget about gorging yourself on chocolate truffles and chalky candy hearts this Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, have an amazing night out with your girlfriends and own your solo status.

    Delicious treats presented by Cupcakes Nouveau // Danielle Kaslow

    Kicking off V-Day weekend with flair, I visited the Nikki Beach “What Women Want –Beauty’s Night Out” event last night, Saturday Feb. 13, with five of my best friends. And we had a hell of a time.

    Our table was prime real estate for people watching; between bites of chicken katsu sushi and buttery beef tenderloin we joked about the hot guys and crazy stylistas also in attendance.

    After dinner, it was time for the fashion show to begin. To set the sexy tone of the show, a shirtless man breathed fire and twirled a blazing baton. Then the pounding music started and the models stomped down the runway in Cosabella’s finest.

    The evening continued with beautifully decorated cupcakes and swag bags filled with gift cards for free facials, makeup samples and a few “interesting” items from Tulip Toy Gallery (that one was a shocker to open on the ride home). To say the least, we picked a jackpot of a night to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a fun girls night out.

    A shot from the Cosabella fashion show // Danielle Kaslow

    Don’t mope and moan this Valentine’s Day, or any day, just because you’re single. Make your own fun…it’s always sexy to be the life of the party, and you never know, a hot single guy just might be the bartender mixing your cocktail.

    Happy Valentine’s Day bitches!

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