Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down

In elementary school Valentine’s Day was an all inclusive holiday. Scooby Doo and My Little Pony-themed cards were given to everyone in the classroom.  Each student received not only a valentine, but usually a box of those little candy hearts.

Fast forwarding to the present, a general gloom seems to surround the holiday for some at the University of Miami. Many without a significant other see this holiday as a day that only emphasizes their singleness.

Before declaring this holiday “Single Awareness Day,” or a conspiracy engineered by Hallmark to encourage the purchasing of greeting cards, this Valentines Day needs to be put into context.

First, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, traditionally a school night. Therefore, the absence of a boyfriend/girlfriend to celebrate with will not be as apparent as it would be if it was on a Friday or Saturday. Friends in relationships will still be available to rage or relax with their single friends over most the weekend.

Also, being single does not require someone to stew in isolation this Sunday night. A local happy hour or night out with other dateless people can be equally as fun as the more traditional dinner date. Remember there is power in numbers.

Last, before placing a pessimistic emphasis on Valentine’s Day think about all the other days people celebrate that don’t include everyone. Christmas and Hanukkah should not be looked poorly upon because they celebrate certain religious traditions.  Portraying either day in a negative light would not be acceptable.

Although the meaning of this day has changed for many of us, whether it is for the better or worse, it should not be taken too seriously. After all it is only one day. Finding a distraction for 24 hours is not too difficult in Miami.

Of course don’t be afraid to return to your roots this Valentines’ Day. Anyone can enjoy a Sponge Bob-themed card or a cardboard heart cut out.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Miami Hurricane.

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