The right man for the job

A University of Miami alumnus is getting a shot in the minor leagues, and it’s not a baseball player.

Alex Margulies, who graduated last spring, will be the play-by-play commentator for the Fort Myers Miracle, a minor league affiliate for the Minnesota Twins.

Alex said the journey to landing this job went back his winter break last year.

“I flew out to Vegas with a few friends of mine for the minor league baseball winter meetings, and saw a job posting for the Miracle as a broadcaster,” he said.

However, Margulies didn’t panic after not getting the job.

“I sent e-mails to teams in all the summer leagues including the Cape Cod league,” he said. “I eventually ended up getting a job with the Outer Banks Daredevils of the Coastal Plain League.”

Senior Rory Lincoln, former executive producer of SportsDesk, said that Margulies was always looking to do whatever he could.

“Since I’ve known him, he has always been a good worker,” Lincoln said. “He’s always looking for the next story, and he’s a great broadcasting talent.

Margulies was out of a job until he got a phone call.

“Fort Myers called me and I met with them in November,” he said. “I sat down and met with the general manager Steve Gliner and I had a pretty good feeling I was going to get the job, being that I was the runner-up the year before, and that they called to bring me in again.”

Communications professor Ed Julbe, moderator of SportsDesk, said he wasn’t surprised Margulies landed a job so quickly after graduation.

“He has a strong work ethic and he’s really knowledgeable, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard he got a job right away,” Julbe said. “He’ll definitely be moving up, and I’m sure we will be hearing him calling professional baseball at some point.”

Margulies said right now, he’s laying it all out on the line.

“I’m going for it, and I’m hoping to be a broadcaster for a professional team,” he said. “That’s the goal right now.”

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