Not so diverse after all

Special Interest Housing offers students at the University of Miami a special opportunity. There is no debating that it allows residents to immerse themselves into activities that reflect the floor theme.
However, it is not necessary to make these shared passions into a whole living environment. By doing this, students are engrossed into a like-minded community, and one of the biggest advantages of UM, the diverse student body, is lessened.
These shared interests can be enjoyed in a club format. The same activities can be supplied and similar bonds can be formed, yet when these students go home, they have people around them that do not think exactly like them.
For example, students on the CASTLE floor could still be involved with alternative spring break and form substance free Halloween parties as alternatives to drinking in the Grove.
After these events, students would still have to come back to their rooms and spend time with people whose habits they might not enjoy.
It is crucial to experience these altering views now. Situations after graduation will not be filled with people you are in complete agreement with. Learning how to overcome these differences is important. Furthermore, by diversifying your living arrangement, students might find new interest they couldn’t have on a theme floor.
Granted these students do not spend all their time in the dormitories. The Special Interest students will still get to interact with peers with a different nature in classes and through campus activities, but this time pales in comparison to the amount of time spent in a dorm room.

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