Canes from other colleges

The purpose of this column is to take a closer look at the many types of people that make the University of Miami the amazing place that it is and that each week make me more and more proud to go to this school.

Sadly enough, there are a few types of people that I need to call attention to and not in a good way. In this case, I’m talking to you, the people who wear other college shirts on campus!

Don’t misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with other colleges. I myself am an enormous fan of Ohio State University due to the fact that I spent most of my life in Cleveland. My best friend goes to OSU, so did his father and so do half of my friends from back home.

You can bet every dollar you have that on the day of the OSU-Michigan game, I’ll be decked out in scarlet and gray, rooting on my home team. Though this is true, you can be equally confident that on the day of every single Miami football game, as well as most other days, I will be wearing the green and orange, nice and proud.

Take pride in the fact that you are a Miami Hurricane! Imagine what the people who come to take a campus tour think when they see students walking by in USC, FSU and UNC gear. They must think that though we are here, we want to be at other schools!

That’s not pride. That’s not school spirit! Our bookstore has every single type of clothing, for any situation, all with an Ibis, a U or the word Miami written in bold letters across the front! There are Miami ties, Miami hats, Miami hoodies, Miami socks and even Miami belts (which this writer wears almost daily). Go to the bookstore and take pride in the U!

If your (second) favorite college has a big game, then by all means, wear the gear when you’re watching the game and, if you have to, even during that day. But don’t keep those clothes in your standard wardrobe. Make them a rarity. Fill your closet with green and orange clothes with a U! Take pride in YOUR school! After all, if you don’t love the beautiful University of Miami… why are you here?

Evan Peskin is a sophomore majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at