Blogophile: Fashion Edition

For blog junkies and media consumers alike, here is a list of exceptionally quirky and useful blogs that will enhance your online experience- or at the very least, catch you up on pop culture. As a serial social networker and personal blogger, I’ve searched far and wide for the best blogs in subjects like fashion, music, art, film and Miami, which I will gladly share through this column. For our maiden voyage, I’ve listed the most comprehensive fashion blogs for both men and women. Enlighten yourselves.

1. The Sartorialist

Web site:

A blog by fashion veteran Scott Shuman, The Sartorialist is the product of one man with a digital camera on the streets of New York, Paris, Milan and London. Photographing stylish unidentified city dwellers and fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, The Sartorialist seeks to capture through a lens what designers look to for inspiration. If it sounds familiar, his monthly page in GQ Magazine might have something to do with it. Check out this blog for creative ideas that will make you think twice when you grab for the rubber flip-flops.


Web site:

Changing the concept of blogging, LOOKBOOK allows regular people to post pictures of their ‘looks’ for everyone to enjoy. Featuring members from all over the world, LOOKBOOK is a favorite of fashion students and trendsetters alike. The blog is also big on the music scene, spotlighting artists who dabble in couture, like Lady Gaga and The Virgins.

3. The Cut

Web site:

An appendage of New York Magazine, The Cut is a fashion blog specializing in industry news. Articles about PETA, new models and the debate over V Magazine’s “Size Issue” are all written by professional bloggers to keep readers informed about fashion news.

4. Nice Kicks

Web site:

With multiple daily posts and pictures, Nice Kicks will satisfy any male shoe fetish. Another awesome feature: you can sync your Twitter to Nice Kicks and retweet your favorite Nike Airs.

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