November 13, 1931

    Annual Homecoming, the first ever to be attempted by the University of Miami, will take place when the Seeders of Erskine College meet the Hurricanes Friday night, Nov. 27. November 13, 1931

    Elaborate plans are being drawn up in an effort to make the first homecoming in the short but eventful history of the young university a thorough success, and one of the outstanding events of the entire school year. Invitations are being sent to graduates by fraternities and the student association to insure a 100 percent alumni response.

    The focal point of numerous attractions, beginning several days previous and extending through the Thanksgiving weekend, will be the game between Miami and Erskine College on Friday night, where it is expected that a large percentage of the graduates turned out by the local institution will be present to cheer Coach McCann’s fighting Hurricanes in their battle with the South Carolinians.

    Beginning a series of entertainment of varied nature is a reception to be given on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 3:30 p.m. at the university patio by the university woman’s association. Preceding the three-day holiday on Wednesday is the tentative time for open house at the Phi Alpha fraternity home on Hardee Road.

    Thursday will be the scene of an open house reception at the Delta Sigma Kappa residence on Ponce de Leon Blvd., while Friday’s events will be topped off by one of the season’s largest dances, the Alumni Dance, which will be held at the Shrine Temple on Biscayne Blvd. in downtown Miami. Another tentative arrangement is the proposed Pi Delta Sigma tea dance to be held on Saturday afternoon. It is expected that the University of Miami Athletic Association will also be the sponsor of a social function to celebrate the occasion.

    Another precedent to be newly inaugurated is a freshman-sophomore rush between the halves of the Miami-Erskine fracas. Committees working on this project hope to make it an annual affair, supplanting the tug-of-war between the classes previously held. Ed Paxton, the chairman of the committee, is being assisted by George Harvey, Tom Grainey, Steve Kite-Powell, Doggie Parsons and Earl Howard.

    The committee in charge of the many social functions being arranged is composed of Wade Stiles, Ed Wright, Wayne Remley and Harry Meigs.

    In 1931 The Miami Hurricane did not publish writers’ names.