Dr. Ashe Opens New WIOD Studio

    November 26, 1930

    A speech by Dr. B. F. Ashe Monday morning marked the opening of a new WIOD studio in room 284 of the university. Dr. Ashe stated that universities are beginning to realize the growing importance of radio in the educational service which it is possible to give a community, and the programs to be presented have been made possible though the generosity and cooperation of radio station WIOD.

    Every member of the university faculty will be in the program during the year, and student activities will be broadcast by the students. The program will include, as a rule, short talks followed by musical numbers. Bertha Foster, dean of the School of Music, has arranged a series of musical programs including vocal solos, duets, trios and quartets, as well as chorus numbers, chamber music with trios, string quartets, horn quartets, piano, violin and cello solos and acts from operas will be given.

    Among the speakers will be Dr. Orton Lowe, who will speak on English and foreign literature and give readings from different poets. Dr. Belaunde will speak in both English and Spanish on subjects dealing with Central and South America. Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Sieplein and E. Morton Miller will talk at various times on soils, plants and other subjects relating to South Florida.

    Mr. Franklin Harris will have charge of the department created to care for the radio programs. The University of Miami is one of the first universities in the United States to broadcast a daily radio education program. Gilbert Bramaghin will announce all programs.

    In 1930 The Miami Hurricane did not publish writers’ names.