First attempt at cooking!

    So, my 21st birthday just passed and my grandmother bought me the new addition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook, the book she used when she started cooking. So in honor I have had a day filled with attempting to make some treats. And surprisingly it was rather successful. 

    This morning I treated myself to some Eggs Benedict, which turned out really good. I just wish I had english muffins instead of the wheat bread I used. 

    Then I made some badass buffalo wings for the boyfriend Michael and my father. I was too excited and therefore couldn’t eat but I giddily sat with them as they munched down on the wings. And I must admit, they turned out amazzzzzing. 

    As for eating out this weekend, we ordered pizza from Pieducks last night in the Brickell area. We had been told it was the best pizza ever in Miami, it was REALLY delicious, but I wouldn’t say the best. I still hold out for that greasy pie from Pizza Kitchen. But hey, no complaints there.

    Good weekend! Hope you all had a good thanksgiving. Mine was sure filled with a ton of good food courtesy of my grandmother. 

    And if you have ANY suggestions about where to go or what to make, tell me about them!