Boot Camp offered at the Wellness Center

This semester a new work out program was introduced at the University of Miami Wellness Center.

The new boot camp program is not what people might assume at first.  No one is whistling at you or stepping on your back; it is an aerobic and strength building 45 minute workout involving weights, bosu balls and various other items. 

This program engages your full body with routines of push-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, squats and sprints. This program is made for everyone and anyone who wants to stay in shape or get into better shape.

Every exercise is easily modified to challenge people at different fitness levels. Becky Greenfield a senior, is new to the program and very satisfied with it,

Boot camp is great because you can make it as challenging as you want. The instructors are motivating and make it a lot of fun. I would absolutely recommend boot camp to people of all physical levels searching for a new way to improve themselves.”

Jeremy Albelda is the creator and current instructor of this program. He ran boot camps this summer in Boston and then decided to establish it at UM. 

The classes have been at maximum capacity and very successful this semester, more classes will be available next semester for people to join.  Jeremy is pleasantly surprised with how this semester turned out thus far,

“Boot Camp has been going since the week of Sept.15 and I have already noticed serious progress in all regular participants from their cardio vascular fitness to noticeable gains in strength and power.”

These classes entail diverse exercises therefore you cannot get bored easily. If you are interested in losing weight or getting into better shape, make sure to check out the new boot camp the wellness center.