The time is now

Time-Peace watches.  Courtesy David Damnjanovic
Time-Peace watches. Courtesy David Damnjanovic

Stressed? Worried about those end-of-the-semester responsibilities? Perhaps it’s time that more students embrace the same philosophy that law students Ian Koslow and Justin Wales have introduced with their company, Time-Peace. Along with Koslow and Wales, the company is run by a group of individuals called the Dream Team, which is comprised of anyone with new ideas or who contributes to spreading the Time-Peace message to others.

Drawing positive inspiration from a range of authors and musicians like Ekhart Tolle and the Beatles, the Dream Team created a philosophy that seems complicated but proves to be simple. First, it is most important to understand that Time-Peace’s main mission is to urge people to stop worrying about the future and start living in the moment. By believing in the power of “now,” the Dream Team hopes to shift the world’s perception of time with the realization that time is an illusion and everything is interconnected.

With this goal in mind, “people have responsibilities and commitments, but when you start living for the future, you forget the fact that you’re living right now,” Wales said. “I don’t have to put a time commitment on my happiness, and neither should anyone else

Although Time-Peace’s philosophy is the main focus of the company, it’s not the only thing they’re selling. Time-Peace sells many products displaying their unique logo: the tree of life with three branches, which can also be seen as an upside-down peace sign. The products range from t-shirts and hoodies to earrings, but their most popular and significant products are their new-age watches.

The watches serve as a reminder that, “you are where you need to be. Watches are a thing of the past; they’re nothing more than glorified bracelets; ours remind you to stop worrying, and start being,” Wales said.

Though it may seem contradictory that watches are Time-Peace’s main product when their philosophy is to stop worrying about time.

“We’re not trying to get rid of clock time, but we are trying to get rid of psychological time: stress, worry,” Koslow said. “Our perception creates our reality, so by changing the way you look at the world, you’re changing the world. You can think of it as the anti-watch; we’re the only watch company in the world where hands are optional.”

Living by the philosophy of Time-Peace seems to be a difficult endeavor for some, especially during final projects and exams. However, over time, the Dream Team hopes to alter the world’s perception of time, and ultimately change the world.

For more information, search Time-Peace on Facebook or e-mail to place an order.

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