Richter to extend hours earlier

This semester, the University of Miami’s Richter library will start its 24-hour schedule earlier than usual. The extended hours offered during reading days before final exams will start Nov. 29. The services usually begin on the Friday after classes end.

If the numbers on these additional days are higher than those during regular reading dates, it will suggest that the change will become permanent, said Richter’s director of information and research services Scott Britton and services manager Rodrigo Castro.

This plan was part of a student government proposal.

“This is very important because a lot of students’ classes have a lot of final projects,” said Student Government President Lionel Moise. “It’s also important to have a safe place for students with the right resources.”

However, changing the library’s hours will not be an easy task.

Castro and Britton explain that overtime for staff, extra security and extra cleaning will have to be necessary if a 24-hour library were to operate at UM.

“It’s a service we’re willing to provide, but it’s expensive,” Britton said.

Sophomore Michael Fleischood said a 24-hour library is a good idea.

“I’ve seen and heard a decent amount of people that go to the library to study until closing so if it is open 24 hours I would be fairly certain it would get used by some students,” Fleischood said.

The study tents set up during finals will be back again this semester. Last spring these tents were eliminated because of economic reasons.

“It’s a big expense but it is also a big resource,” Moise said.

Use of the study tents starts Dec. 2 and lasts until Dec. 16. The hammocks will be put up in Palm Court Dec. 7.

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