UMTV news show nominated for Emmy

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Brittney Bomnin // Photo Editor

NewsVision, a program broadcast by UM Television, was recently nominated for a 2009 Suncoast Regional Emmy.

At the awards show Dec. 5., senior executive producers Chris Nielsen and Rory Lincoln and faculty advisor  Andrew Barton will see how much progress they have made with the show in the past four years.

“I am thrilled for UM, the faculty, all the students involved and, to be honest, I am happy with myself; this really means a lot,” said Nielsen, the lead executive producer of the show.

NewsVision was nominated for their April 16 newscast. This is the show’s first nomination since 2005 when they did not take home the award. UMTV brought home a Suncoast Emmy in 2002 in the Student Program category.

Nielsen, who enjoys the behind-the-scenes work of broadcast journalism, hopes a prestigious nomination such as this could propel him into a job after graduation producing local television news where he could eventually become a news director.

Lincoln is Nielsen’s right-hand man in the production of NewsVision and helped with the rundown, writing, video and production of the April 16 show.

“This is huge, any nomination is awesome,” Lincoln said. “I have definitely missed out on a few things I could have been doing in college, but I wouldn’t change it. This has really been a great asset to me.”

Nielsen and Lincoln have both somehow been involved with UMTV since their freshmen year. This nomination, and the possibility of receiving an award in December, represents the culmination of four years of hard work.

Barton has been there to witness and help both Nielsen and Lincoln in their progress. It was actually Barton who chose the specific newscast entry that was nominated.

“It’s terrific to watch students progress so much in their junior years and come back to polish it up their senior year,” Barton said.

According to Nielsen, consistency is crucial to broadcast an award-winning show.

“We have had a consistent crew and a lot of people toward the end of their degrees. We have also had lots of volunteers. News is a team sport, and you need every element,” he said.

NewsVision airs on channel 96 in Coral Gables or at The Web site has a link to the Emmy-nominated show.

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