Milov improves, begins rehabilitiation

After several weeks of treatment at the intensive care unit of Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, junior Bianca Milov has begun rehabilitation. Milov, 20, was involved in a noncriminal traffic incident Sept. 11 when she was dragged 213 feet after being trapped under a Coral Gables street sweeper.

“Bianca Milov has been moved to Ryder Rehab and is making slow progress towards recovery after eight weeks in the Intensive care unit at Ryder Trauma Center,” said Patricia Whitely, vice president of student affairs. “The family is so grateful for the support, care and love of the University community as well as the outstanding medical care Bianca has received at the Ryder Trauma Center and the wonderful doctors at the Miller School of Medicine.”

According to the Coral Gables police crash investigation unit Sept. 21, Milov had been texting on her cell phone as she was walking to her apartment at 1:01 a.m. Because she was wearing dark clothing, the driver was unaware of the collision until a notification alarm indicated that the sweeper’s mechanism was malfunctioning.

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