Shooting reported on Coral Gables campus

UMPD surveillance
A vehicle occupied by four individuals, two white males in the front seat and two white females in the rear seat, drove through the Coral Gables Campus around the Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall/ Wellness Center areas and fired a BB gun multiple times from a rolled down window. Image taken from UMPD surveillance.

An Emergency Notification Network alert was sent to the members of the University of Miami community around 2:42 p.m. warning them of a shooting on the Coral Gables campus.

The warnings were sent out minutes after the shooting according to University of Miami Police Department Chief David Rivero.

“It’s unfortunate that these kids were on our campus doing that,” he said. “We are still trying to piece it together. Hopefully we will have a good resolution pretty soon.”

The campus was put on lock down after a shooting occurred involving a BB gun.

“A BB can take out an eye, it can do a lot of danger,” Rivero said.

The message did not include the site of the shooting becasue of limtied characters.

UMPD gave the “all clear”  at 3:44 p.m. when a text message was received that said the subjects had been apprehended and that the lock down had been lifted.

The first text alert asked members of the community to “go/remain indoors, lock all doors/windows, stay away from windows and do not open locked doors for anyone.”

According to a secretary at the Wellness Center, the shooting took place on the area near the Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall and the Wellness center.

According to sources, two girls were reportedly shot. This has not been confirmed by UMPD.

A statement released by UMPD described the incident as a drive-by involving 4 individuals in a silver 4-door volvo.

According to the released statement, at approximately 2:30 p.m., two white males in the front seat and two white females in the back seat drove by the area and shot a BB gun multiple times through a rolled-down window.

The campus was secured and operations resumed normally.

Rivero said that UMPD is looking into other services that could be used in place of the Emergency Notification Network.

The statement urged anyone with any information pertaining to the incident, including victims who have not yet come forward, to contact UMPD at (305) 284-6666.