Dear V: Looking for relief from a comic…

Dear V,

My boyfriend has a very bizarre sense of humor.  I know that a lot of guys like to be funny, but this one takes it to a whole new level.  He plays stupid pranks all the time.  He puts a fake fly in peoples’ drinks when we go out, he carries around a plastic snake to freak people out, and one time he even put a fake dog turd in bed, which I discovered after what I thought was a romantic date.  Oh, and let’s not forget the fake hillbilly teeth he likes to bust out and tries to kiss me with—regularly.  Is there something wrong with him?  Or am I just being too uptight?


Serious Sally

Dear Sally,

Everyone enjoys basking in a little attention—especially guys.  Most men love making people laugh in order to get attention.  But unfortunately, the “funny gene”  does not always come with a Y-chromosome.

This is one of those situations during which you must trust your own judgment.  You’ve already determined that your beau’s comedy routines do not sit well with you.  Now you need to decide whether or not he can manage in public without his plastic snake.

Keep a watchful eye.  Rather than insisting omission of the fake fly from your dinner plans, suggest that he leave it at home.  Tell him you’ve seen it before.  See how he reacts.

I usually don’t advocate revenge, but I am giving you the go-ahead to consider this in your case.  Nothing too serious, though.  A strategically Saran-wrapped toilet might get his attention.  He shouldn’t be dishing it out if he can’t take it back.

A stubborn reaction on his part suggests that he uses gags as a social crutch.  Maybe he has some deeper issues at hand.  At this point, you need to decide whether you’d like to work at these issues, or leave them alone and go your separate ways.

Don’t be so quick to get down on yourself.  Constant pranks would be annoying to anyone.  A romantic night, sans plastic dog doo, should never be an expectation too high for any woman.