YOUniversity of Miami: Halloween edition

Halloween is a defining time for college students. When we were kids, this sacred night meant pounds and pounds of free candy, followed by the year’s biggest tummy ache the next morning. As we grew older, we left cavities, trick or treating and apple bobbing behind, and began moving towards pranks, parties and horror movies. Now that we’ve reached college, what is the proper way to celebrate, especially at the U?

Costumes have always been, and will continue to be, a big part of Halloween, though their purpose is a bit different now. Before, the aim was to finally dress up as Spiderman or a cowboy in public, and not be laughed at. Now, however, the purpose is to wear the costume that will get you noticed and that people will remember the next day.

Guys always try to have funny costumes, and you can spot the successful ones from a mile away. I still laugh when I think about the guy who dressed up as Sean Connery doing Celebrity Jeopardy. Girls, we know what 99.99% of your costumes will be, and as a guy, let me thank you. Nurse? No. Slutty nurse? Yes! Devil? No. Slutty devil? Yes! Grandmother? No. Slutty grandmother? Still no… please.

So once you pick your costume, what is there to do? The Grove is one giant party, and for freshmen, this is definitely something to do before you graduate. South Beach is an experience too. If partying isn’t your scene, there is still some horror left in Halloween! Go see a scary movie at Sunset Place, go on a ghost tour of Miami or head to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. We’re in Miami! There’s always something to do.

These four years at college will be some of our best and will leave us with our fondest memories, and Halloween will almost certainly be among them. Whether that memory is raging in the Grove, passing out in a club in South Beach, waking up in a different costume than you put on (been there) or finding out that it may be too soon for a Billy Mays costume, I can almost assure you that you will cherish (whatever you can remember from) this night!

YOUniversity of Miami is a column taking a closer look at the many people that make UM their home.

Evan Peskin is a sophomore majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at