Convenience outweighs cost for UM students residing in the UV

When balancing living options, convenience outweighs cost for some University of Miami students residing in the University Village, an on-campus apartment-style housing option.

While there are a great amount of off-campus housing options available to UM students, many still choose to reside on campus in the UV. Currently, there are approximately 780 students living at the UV. The maximum number allowed is 795.

The Red Road Commons apartment complex is just one of the off-campus housing options heavily advertised to UM students. Recently built, they are located less than five minutes away from the campus, on the other side of Red Road.

Other off-campus housing choices nearby include the Merrick Park apartments and the Colony at Dadeland. All these apartments cater to college students, with reasonable prices and an abundant amenities.

The rates for living in the UV range from about $10,000 to $17,000 a year, or $833 to $1416 a month depending on the model of the apartment. Each student in the UV has to sign an annual 12-month agreement.

“Everything is included in the cost, from lights, to water and security,” said John Baldessari, associate director of residence halls.

Most students do not take that into account when deciding to live in the Village compared to off-campus options.

White there are good deals off-campus, utilities are not accounted for. For instance, one could lease a house for around $1,800 a month. A condo at the Colony at Dadeland starts off as little as $935 a month. These prices are lower than that of the Village, but other fees apply.

“The UV is close to campus yet away from the heavy traffic of campus life,” said Marquise McCoy, a senior and current resident assistant for the UV.

Some students, like senior Michael Phillippe-Auguste, have tried living off-campus but returned to the Village.

“One of my roommates became an RA in the Village. So I moved [back] on campus to avoid the trouble of having to find a random roommate,” Philippe-Auguste said.

Although the Village is located on campus, it is secluded, unlike the other residential colleges. However, the distance does not deter some UV residents from staying active on campus.

International student Joon Young Jung has been living in the UV for two years now. She says she stays involved on campus by “participating in club activities.” Jung is a member of AASA and participates in National Ghandi Day and Alternative Breaks.

“I stay involved with good time management and a prayer,” McCoy said jokingly.

“There are many different [room] models in the Village to choose from,” Balderassi said. “Many of our juniors stay as seniors and you do not have to worry about commuting. It’s an apples-to-apples comparison.” According to him, choosing on-campus housing is “a no-brainer.”