Our Opinion: Health Center finally gets it right

With the recent release of the H1N1 vaccine on campus, the Student Health Service has begun a new procedure of administering the flu mist nasal spray. Students eligible for the vaccine are directed to sign up for an appointment and to report to specified Flu Clinic areas in the second floor of the University Center.

This new method of distribution is much more effective. It lends itself perfectly to the limited number of vaccine doses available to students. Therefore students will know ahead of time if they will be able to receive the vaccine, instead of following a long wait.

As many students know, time is a valuable commodity. With the new appointment system there is virtually no wait, getting students in and out of the clinic much faster. The initiative is beneficial for busy students and also for health center staff, who will not be overwhelmed with a sudden onslaught of students hoping to get vaccinated. It completely streamlines the process.

The health center is taking a step in the right direction, with their common-sense approach. However, things have not been handled so well by the Student Health Center in the past.

One student with an exposed flesh wound was told to sit down and wait in line, instead of receiving immediate treatment. Another stepped on glass, and health center employees refused to remove it

While these horror stories may very well be anomalies, the fact remains that they occurred. However in changing their vaccine distribution method, the health center is learning from their mistakes and making a change for the better.

Despite their previous misdeeds, the Student Health Center should be applauded for their efforts. Hopefully this new appointment system will remain in place for future vaccination distributions, and also for other health-related needs. The health center would run more efficiently, vaccines would be distributed in an orderly manner, and students seeking emergency attention could be seen more quickly.

For more information about the H1N1 vaccination or making an appointment, visit www.miami.edu/flu or www.mystudenthealth.miami.edu respectively.