New Spring Rush

With spring of 2010 around the corner, the University of Miami Panhellenic sororities are preparing for one of their most crucial event of the year, recruitment.

However, the process this year has undergone a few changes.

For one, this is the first time that recruitment will be solely in the spring.

The university first made this move last year strictly for freshman so that they could adjust to college life and participate in other activities before joining a sorority.  

Last year there was informal fall recruitment for non-freshman and transfer students.

This year everyone will rush at the same time. 

If there were to be informal fall recruitment this year, only sororities whose quotas are below campus average could participate. This, in turn, could create potential divisions in the Greek community. 

Junior Jillian Rudman, president of Sigma Delta Tau, mentioned that many Greek leaders supported this decision.

“We want to stand united, and we were afraid that if the sororities were segregated by who was rushing and who wasn’t, potential new members could get the wrong impression,” she said.  

Due to deferred recruitment, the executive board has extra time to prepare and promote Greek life.

They are holding Panhellenic events such as Greek socials, one of which will be Oct. 21st on the Hecht/Stanford bridge, and a sorority showcase which will be in the Wellness center on Nov. 13th. 

“These events are designed to encourage freshman and other women interested in recruitment to come out and meet Greek women and sign up for recruitment,” senior Justina Martynaityte, the executive board vice president of recruitment, said. 

Students are able to sign up online on the UM website, greek life tab.