Pulling an all-nighter

The University of Miami will participate in “All-Nighter for the Poor” as a fundraiser for food donations which will be given to Haiti.

Sponsored by the volunteer group Food for the Poor, colleges, high schools and organizations across the country will participate in a web-drive and stay awake in order to raise funds for developing countries in the Caribbean and awareness for the problems of hunger and starvation.

The money they raise will be given to programs that let poor communities feed themselves, like animal husbandry and farming projects.

Senior Alexander Rafuls is the captain for UM’s team, Canes for the Poor. After hearing a lecture regarding some of the problems facing one Caribbean country, Haiti, last year at a Catholic Students Association event, he took it upon himself to bring a  fundraiser that would help Haitians to UM.

“Haiti really, really needs the support right now and for less than two dollars a day we could be saving lives,” he said.

With the event being organized entirely on the internet, the funds raised can be given out much more efficiently.

“What really separates us from other events is that we donate our raised money directly to distribution centers in Haiti and not to the government,” Rafuls said. “It’s good to know that the food will be given out equally, without much extra interference.”

Sophomore Daniel Schoch found out about the All-Nighter through Facebook.

“I was invited to participate in [the All-Nighter for the Poor] by a friend,” Schoch said. “The concept of it was really interesting and I figured it would be worth sacrificing one of my Friday nights.”

The original planned date for the event was Oct. 16, but since it conflicted with Fall Break, it was pushed back a week to Oct. 23.

UM will not be the only school participating on this day. Various Florida schools will participate on Oct. 23 instead of the original date.

Students participating in the event will stay awake from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. after receiving monetary pledges from friends and family for how many hours they can stay awake.

“I’m usually never asleep before 2 a.m. anyways, so that wasn’t a drawback at all,” Schoch said.

To help keep their eyes open, various activities planned for the night include multiple speakers, games and possibly Skype calls with other colleges and organizations also participating.

Currently, Canes for the Poor have raised $110 of their $5,000 goal, with donations continuously coming in.

Join the team by visiting http://support.foodforthepoor.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=1140&team_id=1860