Drag Queen Fashion Show

Just because the Miss Universe pageant is over doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities to win a crown.

The students at SpectrUM, the University of Miami’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning organization know this. Every year participants put on makeup, high heels, wigs and fake beards, for the annual drag show pageant.

Last Wednesday, contestants participated in a variety of categories, including casual wear, formal wear, talent/creative, and a question and answer session.

The show, however, required the contestants to portray a convincing character of the opposite sex.

First up was junior and Drag King Teddybear Jones (Taeketra Haynes), confidently exclaiming, “Everyone’s jonesin’ for a little teddy!”

While seeming to exude all the confidence of a pro-King, this was actually Haynes’ first time participating in the event.

“It seemed like a good way of getting out of my comfort zone and have fun doing something I’ve never done before,” Haynes said.

Next up was junior and Drag Queen Priscilla de Ville (Alex Suvall) followed by Drag King Rambo Dwat (Shelby Juarez) and Drag Queen Amanda Hug-n-Kiss (senior Miles Strebeck).

The talent for the evening varied and included everything from an energetic dance routine to bow staff twirling.

When the winner was finally announced, a crown, a bouquet of roses, and a $25 gift certificate to Chili’s was placed in the hands of Strebeck.

“Overall the event was hugely successful and added a great taste to this year’s Coming Out Week festivities,” said Suvall, who was the first runner up.

Junior Aaron Esman, SpectrUM’s president, agreed, stating that he felt each contestant truly “went all out.”

“[This was] a fantastic effort on part of SpectrUM,” said freshman Alexandra Quinones who attended this event.

For more information about SpectrUM and any upcoming events they’re putting together, please visit their website at http://www6.miami.edu/studorgs/spectrum/.