Our Opinion: A revolt of silence

The University of Miami has a problem: a talking problem. But more specifically, a “I love the sound of my own voice” problem. Now, I’m sure some of these compulsive speakers have beautiful voices and a plethora of important information to bestow upon us all. We just have yet to meet one of them.

For example, at a Committee on Student Organizations (C.O.S.O.) “S.O.S. Workshop,” all sorts of UM officials discussed in length each possible, minuscule, pointless detail of every ridiculous, unlikely to occur, circumstance a student organization could encounter.

Some of their points might have had relevance to the leaders sitting in the room. However, they were lost among trivial chatter about car rentals, and the difference between car pooling and driving to an organization’s event on your own. Not one of the speakers could use one concise, pertinent example to clarify a point in their presentation on risk management, business services or purchasing. Instead, they used five rambling anecdotes that raised more questions rather than providing answers.

This frustrating issue is not limited to never-ending speakers. Everyone has suffered through a situation with a professor, RA, or even fellow student who just won’t shut up.

So, we have a proposition: let’s lead a revolt, a revolt of silence. Encourage those talkaholics to discover the miracle of email, the art of PowerPoint or just the possibility that their speech isn’t really that important. And if it is, it can more than likely be found on the internet.

So sssshhh Miami, you’re giving me a headache.

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