“Marvel” at Disney’s new possibilities

Alexander Rafuls, Contributing Columnist

Ladies and gentleman, the folks at Disney are geniuses.

Realizing that not everyone enjoys television shows about country singers with multiple personality disorders and witches that can’t act, Disney has purchased the most badass company around: Marvel.

This purchase is one of the most intelligent decisions that Disney has made in the last twenty years. Disney can win over not just a stronger male audience, but also the comic book audience, which has recently been growing thanks to the vast amount of film adaptations over the past five years (such as Beetle Bailey: World War Snooze).

Furthermore, we may see some classic Disney shows come back, reinterpreted by Marvel. Imagine this scenario: The screen goes black, followed by scenes of dirty city streets. A raspy voice begins narrating.

“It has been twenty years since they have fought crime together, and the city is no longer safe. Now, with the threat of annihilation looming overhead, two former partners must stop evil once again… CH-CH-CH-CHIP AND DALE! RESCUE RANGERS! CH-CH-CH-CHIP AND DALE! WHEN THERE’S DANGER!” …That theme song is just so darn catchy. And while this may not be the most realistic scenario, I would at least hope for some Disney Marvel crossovers (such as “Goofy and Venom Visit the Doctor”).

Indeed, Disney has bought a golden goose. With one of the greatest creative teams backing his company, Mickey Mouse can continue to sit on his golden throne and laugh as the world dumps money at his doorstep.

On a more serious note, one has to wonder what the repercussions of this decision will be. For example, while Disney is respecting the film rights of all Marvel movies currently in existence, what will happen to Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure? Will they renew their contract or will they change the theme of Marvel Island to something more generic? I certainly don’t want to go on a ride called “The Adventures of Spider-Dude” or “The Incredible Muscular Guy” rollercoaster. While some struggles will certainly result, I am extremely excited to see what Disney does with its new property.

Alexander Rafuls is a senior majoring in Pre-Med English. He may be contacted at arafuls@themiamihurricane.com.