Ditch the “water-cooler gossip”

(NOTE: *Evan Seaman, Contributing Columnist)

For the last time, and I really hope the last, I can confirm Kanye West is an inconsiderate jerk. He robbed a thriving teenage star of her one (really, just one?) night of glory. Let’s not lose sleep over it though.

Also, this just in: people don’t enjoy feeling the heat of the poor economy. Someone is going to win the upcoming football game, and someone is going to lose. Could I be any more generic, standoffish and disposable?

Let’s cool it with spreading “water-cooler gossip.” It’s fine if that’s the silly, trivial talk of the day amongst a few friends, but local radio station affiliates should not devote two hours of airtime to caller feedback about Kanye. That’s the type of thing for which we have Twitter and Facebook. I can scan others’ stances on insignificant matters and quickly close out the browser if I find myself yawning over the content, but I can’t turn my ears off from the blaring radio at the pool.

The Internet and media outlets are great sources for receiving information before it becomes ubiquitous, but it’s been taken to an extreme. I am no fan of Kanye’s actions either, but I’ll continue to live without being flustered in the slightest. Whether you wake up actively deciding to boycott the rest of his work is irrelevant; he’s been soaring at the top of the charts for years.

The media knows what makes you tick and what makes you groan. Any publicity is good publicity today. So how can we defeat it as a group of conscious, intelligent human beings? Advocate indifference; it’s the best way to make the high tides of “water cooler gossip” pass.

Evan Seaman is a junior majoring in economics. He may be contacted at eseaman@themiamihurricane.com.