Ticket sales skyrocket for Saturday’s game

Despite the disappointing loss to Virginia Tech last Saturday, there is still plenty of buzz surrounding Saturday’s non-conference meeting between two top-20 teams.

As Oct. 3 approaches, the anticipation grows for Canes fans. The Hecht Athletic Center’s Hurricane Ticket Office’s phones cannot stop ringing.

Those who bleed orange and green are rushing to witness action. Especially after the victories over FSU and GT, Oklahoma tickets seem to be printing exponentially, selling out section after section at Land Shark Stadium.

All the upper bowl seats sold quickly.

$100 is now the general average ticket cost for this Saturday’s clash, but ticket prices may not be that way for long. According to the ticket office, this is the fastest-selling game it has seen in quite some time.

“This game is by far the most sold-out game of the year,” said Matthias Martinez, senior accountant at the Hurricane Ticket Office.

Martinez is not the only one to notice the immensity of this event; the anticipation weighing upon this game has even caught the eye of some sponsors of Hurricane Sports. These sponsors and other corporations have been buying huge blocks of seats.

But regardless of the low volume of seats available, fans are going to any extent to make sure they have seats come 8 p.m. Saturday night.

“I’m totally psyched. This is a big-time game,” said Stuart Bryson, a die-hard fan from Pompano Beach who bought tickets this past week. “We need it; the Canes deserve it. They deserve a better turn out and a packed house.”

UM is going to get it. Miami is expecting the entire crowd to be orange, not because of the vacant orange seats, but with rowdy fans showing off their school spirit.

“[It’s surprising] how fast the bandwagon has filled up… People should have bought season tickets from the beginning,” Martinez said.

Michael Matthiesen may be contacted at mmatthiesen@themiamihurricane.com.