Our Opinion: Club Richter midterm etiquette

With midterm exams rapidly approaching, one of the most glaring issues on campus is that of library etiquette. It’s important that students remember to respect others during their time at the Otto G. Richter Library, affectionately known as Club Richter.

The first floor of the library is generally accepted as a place where talking is permitted. However, that doesn’t excuse the packs of friends who arrange their chairs in the reading area and audibly catch up. Just because it’s called Club Richter doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to have a gossip session within its confines.

Even more offensive are the talkers on the second floor, where just breathing too loudly can be met with shushes and glares. Still, many students find it acceptable to have loud study sessions at the tables.

Taking a phone call, even in a whispered tone, is perhaps the worst offense of all. You are disturbing other students who are trying to study. Just go into the stairwell, where phone conversations are acceptable.

Undoubtedly these library faux pas can leave students who are seeking silence frustrated. However, anger should not be taken out on library workers, who try hard to ensure silence as they work.

But workers can’t control every source of noise. Trucks rumble, books fall and shelves echo. Get used to it. And don’t harass a worker for not being able to find a book. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you complain that workers are making too much noise, they can’t do their job properly.

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