Commentary: Saturday’s loss could be a good thing

As strange as it might sound, Saturday’s 31-7 blowout loss in Blacksburg might have been a blessing in disguise.

It was only a matter of time before our football team would fall back down to earth. Realistically, the Hurricanes weren’t going to finish undefeated. No team can execute at such a high level for 13-14 games. Ask USC, California and Penn State.

Isn’t it better to lose a game now against a quality opponent than down the road when facing Wake Forest or Central Florida?

Virginia Tech is now ranked No. 6 in the latest polls, and it’s easy to think that that could’ve been us. But with all the media hoopla surrounding Miami, it’s no surprise the Hokies were fed up by the time Saturday’s game rolled around. Va. Tech was the underdog at home where the program hasn’t lost in 11 games.

As a Hurricanes fan, it’s easy to ask the “what ifs”:

What if there wasn’t a massive rain storm across the northeast United States?

What if four of our defensive linemen weren’t out because of injuries and could’ve prevented those 272 rushing yards?

What if Jimmy Graham wore gloves and didn’t drop those two passes with the offense on the verge of making it a 21-14 game?

Graham and his teammates, who showed how great they are by consoling him on the sidelines, can learn from this game and use it as motivation, just as the Hokies did while hearing throughout the week about how great the Canes were. People forget that Virginia Tech is the two-time reigning ACC champion. Frank Beamer’s team also won the Orange Bowl last season.

So ESPN, stop talking about the swagger. Let No. 17 Miami get back down to business with the pressure of the entire bandwagon off the players’ shoulders.

This Saturday night No. 8 Oklahoma comes to Land Shark Stadium. The question of the hour seems to be whether Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Sam Bradford will make his return from a shoulder injury that has had him sidelined for almost four weeks.

Now is the perfect time for the Hurricanes to get back into the thick of things. With a win at home against the Sooners, we can storm back into the top 10 and make a run. The top teams in the country keep dropping at an alarming rate.

I’ll still be wearing my Jacory Harris jersey out in public because it’s only one game. Will you?

September 27, 2009


Anna Timmons

Editor In Chief

10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Commentary: Saturday’s loss could be a good thing”

  1. cane says:

    I’m so happy I go to school in Miami and not in Blacksburg- I can’t imagine being pathetic and bored enough to post on another school’s newspaper website. Way to go, hokiefan

  2. Hokieman says:

    Yea right. Only if you’re a priest. Three out of five times, the Hokies have won the ACC championship since joining the ACC along with Miami. Therefore, common sense tells you that the road to the championship goes through Blacksburg, Virginia. Miami, you are a good team but not one ready to join the ranks of the Hokies. Pre-mature coronation of “The U is back” was the Hurricanes undoing. Had you been successful against the Hokies, maybe I too would have been a believer. There are too many good players out there to go around to think that Miami has the talent to go into Lane Stadium and be victorious. What is crazy to believe is that no one gave the Hokies any credit, for we have only won the ACC two years in a row. Stellar defense, incomporable special teams play, and excellent offensive play calling, meaning a complete game, is how the Hokies excell and what Miami lacks. But don’t fret Miami. I know it’s like acid in your mouths that you did not beat a more accomplished team but you have a chance for redemption against Oklahoma. I actually will be cheering for you to be victorious for it’s all about the image of the ACC.

  3. e.j. westfall says:

    Its time for us to move on from the vt tech game and focus on Oklahoma. Go canes for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. rockins104 says:

    I agree a 100%. i think it was for the best cause seriously if we beat oklahoma we are back in the top 10 people not only that the next games that we play we really can win all of them people. but yea lets focused on oklahoma though and yes i’m hoping sam bradford is back so that way if we beat them i don’t want to hear no excuse. just like The USF proove the FSU. that they can win with or without their starting qb.

  5. IBISROCK10 says:

    now im embrass the canidian guy said it right one gm people one game miami fans arent fair weather fans they are fans these coaches and players are goin to be alright. GO CANES

  6. Cane Fan says:

    As I do agree with the majority of this commentary and as I am a Canes fan, I must admit this piece got me slightly on the defensive side. I am aware of what the term “commentary” means and in no way do I dub this piece “unethical”, “unfair”, or an overall faulty analysis. I find it very flattering [to the Canes] actually, however, just that one sentence got me feeling uneasy and urged me to defend the Central Florida Knights.
    I am quite aware that their football history hasn’t been the school’s prized possession, but are they really that terrible to not be named a quality team? If I’m not mistaken, their season so far isn’t as horrific as one other Florida team. But that’s besides the point. I literally knocked on wood after reading that one sentence because what if the Canes just so happen to have an off game against Central Florida or Wake Forest, a rare occasion, but again…”what if”.
    All the best to the Canes and good luck this season.

  7. Canadian CaneFan says:

    C’mon people! It’s only one game. Remember, we were hoping to come out of the first 4 games at 2-2. Well, we definitely will, at worst. We’re on the right track. The Coker era is finally over. When healthy, the defense is stout and the back-ups will learn. And now, we’ve got an offensive coordinator with imagination which makes this an exciting team. Now I won’t have to listen to all the crap from my Buckeye buddy in Columbus. Be patient – it will only get better. Coach Shannon and his coaches will bring us back to glory.
    Go Canes!

  8. Happy Parent says:

    You said it. Go Canes

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