Miami Playboy model discusses experiences

Alexandra Ford is the University of Miami representative for the “Girls of the ACC” spread in Playboy currently available at newsstands.

The Miami Hurricane: What sparked your interest in posing for Playboy?
Alexandra Ford:  I have always loved Playboy. It has a lot of interesting and beautiful girls. So when my sister saw the advertisement in the Sun-Sentinel that said they were looking for co-eds to audition she told me. I went and I got a call back.
TMH: What were the auditions like?
Ford: You got to pick your own time. The set was for half an hour and you didn’t see any other co-eds, that way you felt comfortable.
TMH: What do you think made Playboy interested in you?
Ford: I am energetic and I laugh at a lot. I am also shy at times.
TMH: How do you feel about the end result of the photo shoot?
Ford: I loved it and want more pictures. If you want more pictures you can apply to be part of the Playboy Cyber Club online.
TMH: How do your parents feel about you being in Playboy?
Ford: My dad is pumped, he is telling all of his friends. My mom says that I am an adult and can do what I want.
TMH: Are you interested in modeling again?
Ford: If Playboy calls me again, I will. I am ready to take the next step.
TMH: What are your career aspirations?
Ford: I want to be a vet for marine mammals and work by the water with dolphins and sea lions. I can be in a bathing suit all day. My main focus is school and animals. If more opportunities came up to model that would be awesome.