Dear V: I wish she’d spoil me as much she does her cats

Dear V,

To say that my girlfriend is a cat person would be an understatement.  She is obsessed.  She has three of them, and they are the center of her world.  She is constantly spoiling them and showering them with affection.  What’s even worse is the fact that she insists that it is rude to the cats to kick them off the bed before we have sex.  I’m seriously weirded out by this.  I want to be in a relationship with my girlfriend—not her kitties.  Is there any way to do this?

More of a dog person

Dear Dog Person,

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.  No two people will ever see eye-to-eye 100% of the time.  This is why you need to ask yourself if this relationship is worth the compromise.

You never mentioned whether or not you approached your girlfriend on this issue.  Have you told her that having too many pussies in the bedroom makes you a tad uncomfortable?

Figuring out how flexible both of you are willing to be in this situation is a good indicator of the success of your relationship.  Clearly, something has to change.  The question is what.

Perhaps you might be willing to please the cats so that your girlfriend can’t get upset over not maintaining their high quality of living.  Sprinkle some catnip in the hallway so that they don’t want to be in the bedroom.  Surprise her and the felines with a nice cat castle so that they can have a cozy place to enjoy their time, while you and your girlfriend have the same.

If you and your girlfriend can’t find a place to meet in the middle, and she insists that the cats are entitled to their spot in your love nest, you might want to consider the fact that you may have a weirdo on your hands.

You owe it to yourself to figure out the qualities you look for in a woman.  Does “potentially unhealthy obsession with her feline friends” appear on your list?  If not, the next move is up to you.

Best of luck!