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Letter to the Editor: Hurry ‘Canes Shuttles embarrassment to university

As a graduate of the venerable School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I take my role as a trained observer very seriously, and my responsibility as a grammatical invigilator no less so.

Last week, I arrived at the University of Miami to begin work toward a master’s degree in multimedia journalism in the School of Communication. I was immediately provoked by a prodigious punctuation error that is disturbing not only in its grammatical magnitude (really bad), but also in its physical dimension (in letters about five feet tall) and geographical reach (all over campus!).

I am writing, of course, about the green-and-orange Hurry ’Canes shuttles that ferry students and faculty about campus. Even the casual observer would note that a comma must appear after the word “hurry.” The phrase “Hurry, ’Canes” directly addresses the campus community of “’canes,” imploring us to “hurry.” Thus, a comma is required before the name of the person(s) to whom the admonition is directed.

With the comma, “Hurry, ’Canes” is grammatically correct. (That bothersome capital “C” and the purloined period at the end are matters for another discussion.) Without the comma, “Hurry ’Canes” means…well, I don’t think it means anything at all.

I have read that our school is now No. 50 in US News and World Report’s annual ranking of universities.

I trust that action will be taken to correct UM’s glaring grammatical gaffe; hopefully before the editors at US News find out about it.

-Charles “Stretch” Ledford, Multimedia Journalism Graduate Student

EDITOR’S NOTE: While it may seem grammatically incorrect in other circumstances, the Hurry ‘Canes shuttles are a play on the word “hurricane,” in reference to our sports teams.

September 9, 2009


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Letter to the Editor

8 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Letter to the Editor: Hurry ‘Canes Shuttles embarrassment to university”

  1. Julian says:

    See, i don’t think it’s meant to be funny though. Lots of pretentious people around this place.

  2. Jake says:

    It’s called satire, people. It’s meant to be funny (it just fails miserably at it).

  3. Travis Oakley says:

    Ruth, NC and SC are not the same thing.


  4. NGC says:

    Put all of that energy into some volunteer work or something, dude.

  5. Wuff says:

    Go to hell Carolina!

  6. UM says:

    I agree with Nate. Mr. Ledford cannot be a part of the hurricane community when he acts above it. Sorry we are more creative than your “superior” UNC education.

  7. Nate Skinner says:

    Just when I thought people couldn’t be any more pathetically inept, someone manages to prove me wrong. Mr. Ledford, I know you’re too busy putting on your ascot to understand, but the name of the shuttles are a play on the University’s moniker of “Hurricanes”. Say the following two phrases, without pausing.


    Hurry Canes

    Note the fact that they sound eerily similar..That is the entire point. Do us all a favor, sir, and buy an imagination button. It’s obvious you need one.

  8. Ruth, Class of '98 says:

    I’m starting to worry that everyone in SC might be afflicted with Stretch and Rep. Wilson’s malady.

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