Zipcar program expands on campus

While on the University of Georgia campus, Sandra Redway, the University of Miami’s executive director of business services, took note of a great program ideal for any college student.

The idea was Zipcars.

The program launched August 2008 and has grown rapidly ever since.

Starting with only three cars, the current Zipcar availability has tripled to nine fuel-efficient cars.

Seven are located on the Coral Gables Campus. The other two are on the Miller School of Medicine campus. These Zipcars include four Toyota Priuses,  two Toyota Matrixes, two Mazda 3s and a Honda Element.

Student Government President Lionel Moise is a supporter of advancing the program even more.

“There has been a high demand,” he said. “Perhaps by the end of next year students will see 12 cars [versus the current nine available].”

Zipcars are currently located in the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center parking lot as well as the Mahoney Residential College parking lots.

Not only are students being offered a cohesive and effective car option, but the university is not losing a dime in operational costs.

Though Miami has allocated a small amount of money for start-up advertising, it is not profiting from this program.

“It is a great service for all students, no matter what year they may be,” Moise said. “Overall, it is a great way to explore Miami.”

For more information, visit or stop by the Parking and Transportation Services Office on the first floor of the Ponce de Leon Parking Garage.