If a ‘smart car’ doesn’t fit, neither will your SUV

Routinely checking your car for bumps, dents and scratches is disheartening but a common reality for many students at the University of Miami.

It is common for students to damage other vehicles and casually drive away. Victims are left helpless and enraged, often faced with 17-point turns to back out around illegally parked cars.

Whether students knowingly cause damage and just don’t care, or if they are just oblivious, the issue of damaged property still remains.

This is simply unacceptable.

But you’re in luck. The Miami Hurricane has your back with some much needed parking etiquette…

Pay attention to your surroundings.  Notice if you are parked close to other cars, and keep that in mind when backing out.  It sounds simple, but many students don’t give it a second thought, instead fiddling with their cell phone when they should be surveying the parking situation.

Be realistic when parking and driving around campus. If a tiny “smart car” can’t fit into a tight spot, then don’t try to ram in your huge SUV. Why would you want to risk your car getting smashed when you can evade the problem altogether?

And for goodness’ sake, do not park your car diagonally, or illegally.  It makes life difficult for everyone around you and is also an accident waiting to happen.

In the case that you do accidentally damage someone’s vehicle, be considerate.  If it happened to you, wouldn’t you appreciate a note from the offender with a quick apology and contact information?  Do the same.

It’s important to accept that accidents are bound to happen. However, the fact that many students do not handle the situation responsibly by leaving a note is troubling.  Such a self-centered approach and disregard for others is certainly not limited to only their driving technique.

Students at Miami need to realize the world does not revolve around them and start taking responsibility for their actions.