Two fraternities under investigation

Tanya Thompson//Asst Photo Editor
Tanya Thompson//Asst Photo Editor
Tanya Thompson//Asst Photo Editor

Both the Gamma Phi chapter of Sigma Chi and the Epsilon-Omega chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha are currently under investigation by the University of Miami’s Dean of Students Office and their respective national chapters.

The investigations of both these fraternities involve unregistered parties.

The incident concerning Sigma Chi happened on Aug. 20 while the event pertaining to Lambda Chi happened on Aug. 24.

An unregistered party is one that has not been approved by the DOSO.

A registered party is required to have security to monitor the event. If alcohol is present, a system to distribute it is necessary, according to Shawn Kacker, the Interfraternity Council president.

At these functions a six beer-per-person limit is required.

The party in question for Sigma Chi took place at their fraternity house. Lambda Chi’s fraternity house was not the place of the unregistered party.

”There is a whole lot of stuff that I am finding out,” William Lake, the associate dean of Judicial Affairs, said about the Lambda Chi case. “I do not know what I believe yet.”

An unregistered party itself would not be a violation of the fall recruitment period. If alcohol was involved during this time for either of these fraternities then it’s a violation of the IFC’s policy.

Brittney Bomnin//Photo Editor
Brittney Bomnin//Photo Editor

Currently, the IFC Judiciary Board is still being trained. Kacker said that Sigma Chi will go in front of this board but he is not sure about Lambda Chi.

Once the training is complete the hearing should be scheduled within a month’s time.

The punishments can range from not guilty to social probation. This punishment can include a fraternity not being able to have mixers with sororities.

Two UM fraternities were under investigation last year by their national fraternities, the Alpha Omega chapter of Zeta Beta Tau and the Epsilon-Beta chapter of Kappa Sigma.

The Zeta Beta Tau incident was taken as an individual, not a fraternity, matter by the national chapter while the Epsilon-Beta Kappa Sigma’s charter was revoked by their national fraternity.