Summer movies: calling a truce

As the weather cools down in places other than Miami and school starts up again for the fall, it can mean only one thing: the conclusion of the summer blockbuster movie season.

During the span from May to August, films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen make more money than the U.S. government can fathom.  Their first weekend of sales determine the success of the film and its marketability as a franchise.

On the other side of the spectrum is the so-called “chick flick.” Geared towards women, its gooey romantic core and attractive couples send those with the XY chromosome fleeing, or even worse, subjected to it because it’s the girlfriend’s choice of movie this time around.

But as a infrequent spectator of the two genres, I’ve noticed that there seems to be much more hatred towards chick flicks. One can find it written in reviews by critics, or on message boards at the Internet Movie Database (

Surely the Terminator Salvation’s of the world are a man’s equivalent to a woman’s rom-com and drama?

While women go to see the latest Rachel McAdams film, now sans Ryan Gosling (see The Time Traveler’s Wife as a reference), men stand in line at midnight to catch talking robots battle each other for hours at a time.

What I am suggesting here is a truce: let women enjoy their amorous fantasies and men enjoy their green screen-filled action films without all the baggage.

After all, movies come down to being one’s own personal preference of entertainment.