Fla. Bright Futures changes requirements

In a move designed to cut down on spending, Florida changed the state-wide scholarship for eligible students attending in-state colleges.

Bright Futures, the program that awarded scholarship money to Florida students attending in-state schools, will now provide funding to students based on credit hours taken during the year.

For students, this means that dropping courses will result in financial charges.

The recently changed scholarship program will now provide eligible students with $126 per credit hour for Florida Academic Scholarships, and $95 per credit hour for Florida Medallion and Gold Seal Scholarships.

Students that do not make repayment will be prohibited from receiving future funds, or have a hold placed on their diploma.

In addition to these changes in award amounts and penalties, students must now complete 24 credits during the school year to receive eligibility for subsequent school years.

OFSA has engaged in a massive e-mail and communications campaign to make students aware of the changes to the Bright Futures program.