Brooke Hogan offers tips for academic success

    Brooke Knows Best reality star and musician Brooke Hogan, also known as retired wrestler Hulk Hogan’s daughter, talked to The Miami Hurricane about her love of tanning and the keys to success in college after signing some autographs for Canefest attendees.

    The Miami Hurricane: What was it like performing at Canefest?

    Brooke Hogan: By far the most relaxed setting I’ve ever been in. Probably one of my favorite performances because it was cool to perform around people my age.

    TMH: So what’s your favorite thing to do in South Florida?
    Hogan: Well, I think that everybody likes to tan. I love going to SoBe Live, the sax club, and I just like working out at Crunch all the time. That’s my thing. Tanning and working out, and maybe writing music and going in the studio.

    TMH: Where’s your favorite place to go out in Miami?
    Hogan: I know it sounds really crazy because it’s not a shameless plug, but I love going to SoBe Live. It’s every night. I think I like going there because it’s comfortable and we’re taken care of there and it’s not like being in a strange place. I’m a homebody. I hate Mansion, and you can quote that.

    TMH: Any tips to success for the new students?
    Hogan: Make sure that you go and hit the college beer bar as much as possible because it helps studying. Studies show that what you study drunk stays locked in.