UM wins Budgetball Tournament in DC

The Miami Hurricanes budgetball team came in first place at the tournament in Washington, DC this year in a tournament that started on June 13 and ended on June 17.

Budgetball is a new and innovative sport, aiming to spread awareness concerning the national debt and to promote discussions and debates regarding the nation’s economic future.

The Miami Hurricane Budgetball team consisted of nine players with Lucas Sommer as the team captain.

The team was able to succeed without too much prior preparation. Sommer read the rules of the game and developed a strategy to apply on the court in order to gain the highest possible points.

The strategy consisted of a specific set up, routines and maneuvers to play the ball in their favor.

“We enjoy budgetball because it tries to contain an educational component. We also enjoyed the prizes, free food and travel,” Sommer said.

The team competed with confidence and cooperation, proving that entrepreneurs are the best at fixing the current recession and changing the economic policy in America.