University changes logo

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ‘U’: The above image is of the University of Miami’s new general logo, which plays off the split-U design of athletics. Courtesy University of Miami.

Expect to see the “U” more in University of Miami life as the athletic symbol inspired a redesign of the school’s general logo.

According to Vice President of Communication Jacqueline Menendez, this change better represents UM’s research and improved student body.

The Miller School of Medicine currently uses the split-U design logo for UHealth, a national symbol used for its network of university medical facilities.

This change will be implemented gradually and supplies with the old symbol will continue to be used and replaced with materials with the “U” on it.

In addition to the new signature, the new visual identity system manages the use of other key graphic elements. It will cover all new marketing materials produced throughout the university and adapted for a full range of other uses, ranging from web sites and brochures to t-shirts and notebooks.

The University of Miami’s official website,, also experienced a redesign with a higher degree of interactivity, navigation and aesthetics.