UM takes precautions against H1N1 ‘Swine’ Flu during Commencement

At a time when many visitors are coming to the University of Miami’s campus for graduation, UM is taking certain precautions to stop the spread of H1N1.

An H1N1 crisis team has been established to monitor the outbreak and consider precautions to prevent the virus. The team maintains regular contact with the local Departments of Public Health.

“Our team has met multiple times in the past week and we have been in contact with the campus police and the entire staff,” Pat Whitely, the vice president for Student Affairs, said. “We just want to educate the students about the virus. We are taking very proactive measures to ensure the safety of our campus.”

The Student Health Service will remain open seven days a week until Commencement on May 17and will extend its hours if needed.

Individuals should contact the Student Health Service if they have a fever and respiratory illness. Furthermore, they should refrain from attending classes and work and limit contact with others.

Furthermore, President Donna Shalala will not shake hands with students as they receive their diploma because the virus spreads through personal contact much like a standard seasonal flu.

Although treatable, the virus can have serious consequences if left unattended.

There has been no reported cases of H1N1 on campus.

The Student Health Service can be contacted at (305) 284-9100.

More information are can be found on the University website at,1770,66286-1,00.html.