Students, administrators gather for discussion on the future of the Ibis Ride


Ideas, complaints and potential solutions were debated Monday night as students and university administrators gathered for a discussion forum on the future of the Ibis Ride shuttle to Coconut Grove.

Monday’s event, moderated by Student Government President Lionel Moise, encouraged students to express their opinions to the administration about the shuttle service.

The event opened with brief anecdotes from senior Nate Clough and junior Melinda Jeubi, two student monitors on the Ibis Ride service that were responsible for checking student IDs and reporting on student conduct on the shuttles.

“If you’re talking about Fridays or Saturdays, there’s not usually any trouble, it’s not a big deal,” Clough said. “Thursdays are always the trouble days.”

“Really the worst experiences I’ve had on the bus are people puking every once in a while,” he said. “Probably the worst one was when they started yelling racial slurs at the bus driver.”

“Students just don’t know how to act,” Melinda said. “During Spring Break especially, we had students using double Cane Cards and they would give it to their friend. I would tell them, ‘no you cannot ride the shuttle,’ and they would get upset at me like it was my fault.”

Students were then allowed to pose questions to the monitor. The first question asked whether the monitors believed that many of the Ibis Ride’s problems could be remedied with the presence of police officers.

“Sometimes students don’t respect police officers either,” Melinda said.

Ibis Ride Committee Ad-Hoc Report
The Ibis Ride Committee met three times between April 15 and 28. It met with student organizations and residential colleges and held the forum.

They have come up with some options for renewing the program including implementing a payment system. The students in the forum agreed with this idea as long as it was kept affordable.

Another option was hiring off-duty police officers to ride the buses. Students and administrators felt that if these measures were needed to save the Ibis Ride than it was not worth saving.

Also, an increase in the Student Activity Fee was suggested by this committee to fund more busses and decrease overcrowding, a possible cause of the problematic behavior. However, this money from the referendum could not be used until the following year.

Last, changing the locations of the Ibis Ride pick-up and drop-off points would stop the overcrowding of lines, especially since Coco Walk has a lot of people even without students. More talks will be necessary between the Dean of Students Office and Parking and Transportaion.

April 29, 2009


Ramon Galiana

News Editor

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Students, administrators gather for discussion on the future of the Ibis Ride”

  1. While it’s true that it’s not the university’s responsibility to provide safe transportation to the students when they go out drinking, it is also in the university’s interest to ensure the safety of its students at all times. The reality is that they will be going down to the bars regardless, so why not try to keep them safe while they’re doing it?

  2. TH says:

    I’m 1500 miles away… if somebody can mention these comments at the next Ibis Ride meeting… much appreciated.

  3. TH says:

    If you raise the Student Activity Fee, you are charging students who may NEVER use the Ibis Ride (for whatever reason…maybe they don’t go to the Grove… and need I remind you most UM Students who enter as 18 year old freshmen aren’t legal drinking age until their junior or senior year??). So IMHO, raising the SAF is a terrible idea. Heck, charging anybody to use the bus instantly makes this a money issue; don’t forget, when the Ride was cancelled, allegations that it was due to a budget cut were vehemently denied. Charging anybody at all makes it a money issue… so either fess up, or don’t do it.

    And you’re absolutely right; putting police on the bus to watch the people making the responsible decision not to drive home is a terrible waste. Put them ON THE STREETS at CHECKPOINTS. Why not have random check points at Stanford Dr? THAT’LL scare the sh** out of some people. This Ibis Ride thing… it’s a mountain out of a molehill. Implement a behavior control policy and a few garbage cans… If you get a puker, give them a can and a warning (and write their name down!) and tell them to watch their intake next time (see, this doubles as a responsible drinking lesson). If you get a yelling, belligerent, slur screamin’ fighter… implement a 30 day ban on the rider. After a month they get a second chance… if they can’t keep their nose clean, they’re banned for the year. When they come back next year if they’re still not behaving… find a cab. You’re banned for life.

    Again: it is not the responsibility of the university to get you to and from your watering hole safely. You are at least 21 years old now… 3 years into legal adulthood. GROW UP and ACT LIKE IT. If the Ibis Ride never comes back… learn to pregame on the cheap if you can’t live without your booze and spend the cash saved on a safe ride home with your friends in a cab.

    Is this REALLY that difficult?

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