Smartphones reign at UM

While most college students have cellphones, smartphone holders are on the rise.

Smartphones, mobile phone that offers advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality and personal digital assistance, have revolutionized the way many people organize their lives.

For many students, smartphones supply 24-hour access to staying connected and organized. Most smartphones offer everything from multiple e-mail managing and syncing to task managers and MP3 players.

Many also offer downloadable applications like scientific calculators and book finders. And today, students don’t have to dig their hands deep into their pockets to own one of these multifunctional devices.

“The Blackberry is so easy to use,” senior Nicole Scifo said. “It never gives me any problems. I know the iPhone has a few glitches because it’s basically a handheld computer. I just really like the Blackberry.”

Many companies offer a selection of smartphones to pick from, like AT&T’s iPhone and Blackberry Bold or Verizon Wireless’ Blackberry Storm or Blackberry Curve.

“I’ve had an iPhone for about two years now and I love it,” senior Johnathan Beauchamps said. “I don’t think I’d ever go back to any other kind of phone. I have about four pages of applications and it’s just one of the best phones out there, I think.”