Our opinion: Party for national champion Murielle Ahoure provides opportunity for fan base

Far too often, the Miami fanbase is rapped as one that doesn’t support its teams and athletes nearly as much as it should. Wednesday will present an opportunity for fans and students to answer that challenge with a great event that should be pretty darn fun too.

University of Miami sprinter Murielle Ahoure won the national title in the indoor 200-meter run at the NCAA championships in March. Miami has a proud history of track and field success, and Ahoure continues that legacy. To celebrate her victory, Category 5 will be hosting a celebration of her championship on Wednesday at 12:30 in the University Center lounge.

Track and field athletes, along with other non-revenue sports, don’t get the credit they so rightly deserve. Athletes like Ahoure and Julia Cohen, who you can see on the cover of the sports section, work just as hard as football and basketball players but don’t receive the accolades they should. Now is the time to show your support for what they do and what they mean to the university.

So go to the UC Wednesday. Have some pizza. Meet Murielle and Sebastian the Ibis. It’s a fun time and a celebration of Miami’s successes, something we can all rally behind.