A lesson in ‘Rat-iquette’

Veronica Sepe
Veronica Sepe

The Rat is hands down one of greatest things about going to Miami. I’m not aware of any other school where students can spend their afternoons drinking beer and eating wings at a lakeside restaurant on campus. And working at the Rat is pretty awesome, too. I create my own schedule, make decent money and get beer after my shift. But my time at both Miami and the Rat is now drawing to a close. And there are a few common and rather annoying behaviors I’ve observed from my side of the glider that I’d like to share with all of you. Enjoy your lesson in Ratiquette.

I think we can all agree the Rat isn’t exactly a “normal” restaurant, but, that being said, it still is a restaurant. However, many people don’t seem to grasp this concept. Would you go to Friday’s, order at the bar, and then take your food and drinks to the dining area? No. But it happens at the Rat all the time. At most eating establishments with a wait staff, food takes time to come to the table. The same is true at the Rat, and during the lunch rush, it tends to take a little longer. So don’t sit down at 1 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon and tell me you have class in a half hour. In all honesty, you probably won’t be seeing your food any time soon. At any other restaurant, you wouldn’t order at one table and then go sit at another table, assuming your server will find you. Happy Hour can get kind of hectic and if you order a pitcher and go to another table, I don’t have the time to come find you. I know most people have every intention of paying but just forget after a few too many. To make it easier, pay before you start moving around. If you don’t, and I can’t find you, I’m the one paying for you to get drunk. Trust me, I would rather be spending that money financing my own drinking habits.

I won’t lie, I make great money at the Rat, but that is because I work hard to please my customers. When your server is busting their ass for you to have an enjoyable experience, the least you can do is tip accordingly. I understand that college students are broke, but if you don’t have the money to leave a tip, the food court is right next door. If you want to leave a tip on your Cane Card, write it down on your check before you give it to the server. And Europeans? We know you understand how to tip. Don’t pretend you don’t.

Finally, remember that your servers are also your peers. We go to class with you, we party in the Grove with you, and we might be sitting in the glider right across from you tomorrow. We may be serving you, but that doesn’t mean we are your servants. When you treat us harshly, it’s hurtful. We want to make you happy, but if you are an asshole it makes that a whole lot harder.

Did writing this make me sound like a whiny bitch? Probably. But if just one person goes to the Rat and treats their server with a little more respect, it will have been worth it.